Do Small Businesses Need 24X7 Network Monitoring and Backend Support

24X7 Network Monitoring

Network monitoring and efficient backend support form the backbone of any company, whether it be a small or a large scale enterprise. It helps an organization to provide services to its customers without any interruptions and proactively act on the issues by continuous monitoring that may lead to fatal errors in the systems.

Does Small Business need a professional Network monitoring and backend support?

  • Need for Expansion

Most small companies think that their internal IT team only shall be enough to handle the monitoring and the backend support and there is no need to stretch it to a 24X7 mode. This is where they go wrong. Yes, in one sense, they may be right as according to the current number of customers, they might be able to do away with only the day monitoring however in order to expand their services in the future, a 24X7 model is required.

  • Decision

Now the second question arises, whether to increase the internal capacity of the IT team or outsource it to a professional network monitoring service providerWhile increasing the capacity of the internal IT team, the FTEs will have to be increased and the expenditure of the resources, in terms of facilities, housekeeping as well as security would also increase however when you decide to outsource it to a service provider, you actually pay per seat. At a substantially lower cost, the service provider would be able to provide you an efficient support.

  • Outsource it before it gets too late

Around 30-40% of the IT product companies shut down because they fail to provide efficient after sale services to their customers. Gradually as the traffic/customers increase for your website/product, the need for proactive monitoring and a highly skilled backend support team becomes unavoidable. The companies which fail to understand the need, are left behind and lose the market share in no time. Therefore it is rightly said, a stitch in time saves nine. Therefore look for a professional backend support service with a trustworthy third party service provider.

How is Network Monitoring Done at the Outsourced Provider End?

There are multiple activities as a part of network monitoring service that is done to make the parent company’s after sales service efficient:-

  • Performance management of the network is done proactively
  • Troubleshooting is performed at Level ½ on various platforms like TDM, Fibber, VOIP, RF as well switches
  • Handling Incident as well as request tickets of all severities and resolving them in the shortest possible turnaround time
  • Configuring, monitoring as well as testing WAN or LAN equipment and switches
  • Dealing with third party vendors to resolve the issues.
  • Managing SIP/IP protocols
  • Firewall monitoring is done to check for any vulnerable attacks that may happen from an external source. It helps in making the system immune to all external infections
  • Packet sniffing is a method that is deployed by the service providers where the irregularities in the information that enters and leaves the system is tested.
  • Analysis, as well as preparation of the weekly report of the system health, is done.

After going through the above-mentioned activities it seems that going for an outsourced service provider for a small company is a clever idea. It will aid in exponentially expanding the customer base without worrying much about the backend issues.


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