NOC / Help Desk Outsourcing – Why essential?

Maintaining PCs & servers & routers & switches are becoming all the more tedious. All customers want their equipment to work as tools are there but managing them is a challenge with technology pacing up.

24×7 monitoring can always be a challenge and one looks for alternatives. Being an ISO 27001 secure conscious company always helps as clients look upon for their data security and MSPs which focus on that always is a plus. New customers want focus and need 24 x 7 support service is essential, although it requires sufficient number of personnel to be focusing. Managing SLAs as per client needs and improvising that part beyond client expectations is the way forward to impress upon client. Flightcase in particular aims to improve upon with the right talent for the client, provide aggregation of client’s business. Our Engineers get trained all the time with different network/switches, their scalability is phenomenal and can mould into any kind of monitoring setup.


One generally tends to provide value addition to their value assets so as to ensure we drive logic and drive their business in the right direction. We are very transparent to ensure that clients know what we do and secure their business, outsourcing is as secure as running it themselves. Apart from the dollar saving, the coverage is wider and clients love the fact that they are well covered; sometimes beyond 24 x 7. Attitudes of the OUTSOURCED NOC / HELPDESK are very positive and encouraging to its customers and ensure language barriers are taken care off with improved. Accents are converted with efficiency n commitment to resolve customer issues.

Being an ISO 27001 COMPANY, data security comes packaged and secured for the client. All measures are taken to ensure smooth functioning and MSP is capable to deal with any hacking or information leakage.

Cost efficiency & capacity planning/integration come with improved knowledge and professional approach of its techs/engineers. If retention is positive to retain the best of talent, that’s always a positive for the MSP which always aims to retain and develop growing talent within the Organization. Technologies are changing and business needs focus to innovate and its always best to outsource NOC and Helpdesk to specialists. Skill sets and efficiency levels is what clients look at and that’s where Flightcase trains/provides and environment where its talent force work on asset-able expert who can be a plus to what he/she does from time to time. Leveraging an environment for a trust worthy setup makes it all different, makes outsourcing NOC more reliable and safe for progressive clients


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