Why outsourcing NOC is essential?


With the technology going beyond limits, today outsourcing the NOC services to other vendors is the demand of the situation. If a business has to function smoothly and flawlessly increasing its profit margins, unique IT department is required. Any business now is majorly dependent on the IT tools and techniques that help companies to reduce workload as well as time. This in turn leads to the costs of the business operations go down increasing the productivity.

A NOC is nothing but a remote location from the client’s destination performing the role of monitoring and fixing of all the IT and network issues of the client. A NOC centre is equipped with all the latest monitoring applications and IT tools that are very efficiently made in use by the network administrators and other IT engineers in the NOC.

Based on the different projects in the network operations center, the varied team of IT technicians are being aligned as per their skills and competencies. When the NOC is outsourced to the efficient vendor like Flightcase, it acts like a defence mechanism for the network devices that are a major part of the client’s network infrastructure.We assist our clients in saving them from unauthenticated users and hackers who generally try to create IT issues in the client’s network. In order to protect the system from any damage when any unauthorized user who tries to access the system, our skilled engineers prevents their access so as to stop the issue before it damages the client’s business operations.

Also our NOC team performs when the network of the client goes down leading to the downtime to their business. They proactively monitor, scan and fix the issue throughout the day 24×7 so that 100% uptime of the system is assured causing no harm to the client’s business operations. One of the benefits of NOC outsourcing lies in the fact that the date of the clients can be stored in their data centers as well that will in turn help them if their physical location is being destroyed due to any natural calamity. In such a scenario, they can easily fetch out their critical data from the NOC’s servers and get operational from any other physical location so that no or minimum loss is incurred. These technically sound NOC engineers work like an extension to the IT setup of the clients that enables the clients to get enough time to concentrate on their core business and add upon to the productivity of the company.

If we talk about the outsourcing business, in the recent years the business of Managed Service Providers have grown many folds and many companies that usually were low in funds encountered a difficult challenge to operate a NOC providing 24×7 service. Precisely, outsourcing NOC for the tasks of alert management and routine maintenance that Managed Service Providers face to a skilled NOC comes with multiple advantages.For any company big or small, outsourcing their NOC operations is no longer a choice. All MSPs now are heavily dependent on the NOC that they have opted for to meet their requirements. The tasks could vary from performing routine maintenance task to the flawless alert management that needs technical expertise in order to handle such critical projects. The growing technology along with maintaining growth is the major challenge being faced by MSPs today that has led to the overwhelming growth of NOC outsourcing. These major challenges to the MSPs are sorted by remote management and monitoring 24×7 that helps client’s networks get technical assistance all the time at a very much reduced cost.

Organizations are increasingly delegating control of their network including carrier services and service management to third party vendors due to their financial needs, competitive IT managed services market, and enhanced remote network management tools along with demanding business requirements. Also, a holistic outsourcing model allows organizations to better allocate their internal resources as per their skills on their strategic projects to add value to their core business functions.


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